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Here is my testimonial:

My husband and I adopted a rescue cat, then called Josie (as per previous testimonial from Steph) we called her Lucy.  She had a tough start in life and deserved a forever home.  Lucy settled in our home well and got on ok with our dog. She was would never get close to us, but close enough. We respected her boundaries.  After a year her behaviour started to change - she became increasingly hostile and unsociable, attacking the dog, attacking us and we were very concerned about her unpredictable behaviour around our 12 month old grandson.  We exhausted every option we had to win her over, and kept returning to the discussion that we were considering rehoming her as she was so unhappy and we hadn't heard her purring for such a long time.

I contacted the rescue centre and shared our experiences and they suggested Reiki as Lucy had responded well to this before.  My husband and I were sceptical but willing to give anything a go, so we invited Ali Clarke around to meet us.

As Ali held Lucy, she visibly became sleepy and her eyes drooped.  In less than an hour she was purring and relaxed, still allowing Ali to hold her without strong resistance.  If we hadn't actually witnessed this we would never have believed it. 

Lucy has changed behaviour completely - we can groom her, she comes and sits with us on the sofa and there has been no further signs of aggression (even when our toddler slapped her on the head). We are absolutely delighted!

I have also had Reiki for stress related symptoms following this, and it is such a relaxing experience. Although I had my eyes closed and Ali doesn't actually touch you for most of it, I could identify where her hands were hovering as I could feel patches of heat.  I also felt tingling from the top of my head right down to the tips of my fingers and toes. It was such a relaxing experience I fell into a deep relaxed state (including sleep) during the process.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained is my philosophy and I am so pleased we tried this as both Lucy and I are in a much 'better place' now thanks to Ali's reiki treatments.  Trust the process - it does just work!

Wheat Field

Steph H

I would like to share my experiences of reiki.  My husband and I foster rescue cats so, when on holiday in Kefalonia, we went to visit an animal rescue. There were two big enclosures full of cats, and they were contented and happily living together. One of the volunteers told me that he is a reiki master and he works with the cats. That is why they’re so calm. I was amazed!
Later in the year, we were fostering a cat, Josie, who was very stressed and unhappy.  We have several cats of our own, as well as the rescue cats, and this particular cat hates other cats. We kept her isolated, but she was still very unhappy and it was beginning to affect her behaviour. I remembered the Kefalonia cats and decided to try reiki. I contacted Ali and explained the problem and  straight away she said she would come and help. She was wonderful with Josie, who was in a very agitated state, and was very patient, caring and understanding. After a half hour treatment, Josie was lying down, almost asleep, and more relaxed than I had ever seen her!
We noticed a change in Josie’s behaviour straight away. The next day, she was much calmer and it  just got better. Three weeks and four treatments later, Josie was a different cat. She is now happy and playful, always purring, and the extremes of behaviour that she was showing before have disappeared.
I was so impressed that I went to Ali for a treatment – and what a wonderful experience! She made me feel very welcome and relaxed, and after the treatment I felt very calm and peaceful. But the real effects hit me the next day. I woke up feeling full of energy and positively zingy!
Ali has inspired me to do the first level course myself and I am so grateful to her for all she has done for Josie and myself – she has made a big difference to both of our lives. Thank you Ali. x

Two Dried Leaves

Carol P

I have been under numerous consultants to find a cause for my "what I thought" was fatigue.
I was finally diagnosed November 2017 after three long years of feeling unwell, with Chronic Migraine, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Joint Hypomobility Syndrome.  What a relief!
I was also being treated for high blood pressure.  I had frequent visits to my Doctor, being still unwell.  He suggested hypnosis and Reiki.
I have seen Ali in the past for Reiki while I was stil being investigated, but I became very ill and did not continue, until recently.
I re-started my Reiki treatments on the 31 July 2018, and have attended weekly with amazing results.
Ali has stated that if she could take a picture of her client when they first come to her, then another a couple of months later, people would not believe the difference in a person.
I feel loads better having reiki, putting energy back into my body.  Even my family and friends are amazed at just how much I have improved - and I feel this is due to Ali and her "magic" hands.
I would not hesitate recommending Reiki to anyone.  I am living proof it works.

Spring Branches

Jacinta M

I decided to try Reiki as I had tried other holistic treatments. I came across Ali in my search for a local practitioner. I had no real expectations; I had read about what Reiki entails and thought I would give it a try, and I'm so glad I did. My experience with Ali was one I'll never forget. Ali made my feel really comfortable and I felt completely at ease in her home. The benefits of Reiki will never leave me now. Whilst I was receiving the treatment I was overcome with a sense of calm and unconditional love. The emotions and feelings I went through are difficult to explain. The benefits are certainly long term; since my experience, I feel calmer and happier in life. My experience of Reiki with Ali has opened the door to new possibilities and I now wish to pursue my experience to the next level. Thank you Ali for helping me to find my true self again, amongst the fog and the treadmill of life.


Andrew T

I first met Ali in summer 2019, having recently moved back to Lincolnshire from abroad. Having driven past and seen the sign for the practise, I kept meaning to enquire about a treatment. A friend had tried reiki and swore by it. At that time in my life there was a lot going on, and not all of it good, I had split with my wife and best friend of 25 years plus, moved back to the UK from the Netherlands to be close to my Mother who was slowing slipping away with dementia and other complications. I had also made a huge descision to change my life in another way and quit drinking alcohol, truth be told I had been a hard drinker since I first tried it when I was 13 yeas old, this was going to be hard. So life was a bit of a turmoil for me to say the least, I decided I would go meet Ali and have a chat about reiki. We talked for the best part of an hour, after which I lay back on the lovely antique chaise lounge, closed my eyes and was pretty much out for the count, I felt so relaxed as Ali performed the treatment. Around 30 minutes later Ali woke me and we talked a little more, off I went, happy for having had someone to talk to, feeling relaxed but not noticeably different otherwise. Until the next day, I suffer from chronic knee pain in my left knee and it had been playing up daily for a few weeks, that was gone, but strangely my right knee was aching. Also as I sat in my truck driving over the Lincolnshire wolds I had a very elated feeling of pure happiness, I just felt uplifted and happy, and that's not like me, I'm often referred to as grumpy.. Since that time, the knee pain has gone, the very next day in fact, and rarely comes back, also back pain is far less and I am far more relaxed and can deal with stress much easier. My job is very stressful and I work in remote locations for long periods, but reiki has helped me cope, in many ways. And yes, it does work by distance as I am often sent it out here to my place of work which is a fair distance from Beelsby. Thank you Ali...see you after Covid and by distance for now...